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The Office of Attorney General is established under Article 59 of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, 1977.
Article 59(3) of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania stipulates that “the Attorney General shall be the advisor of the Government of the United Republic on matters of law and for that purpose shall be responsible for advising the government of the United Republic on all matters of law and to discharge any other functions pertaining to or connected with law which are referred or assigned to him by the President and also to discharge such other duties or functions which are entrusted to him by the Constitution of the United Republic or by any law.”

Further to that roles and functions, the Attorney General’s Chambers duties are governed mainly by the following principal laws amongst others;

  • The Office of the Attorney General (Discharge of Duties) Act, 2005
  • The Government Proceedings Act, 1967
  • The National Prosecutions Service Act, 2008
  • The Basic Rights and Duties Enforcement Act, 1994. Read More..

Our Vision:
"To be the best law firm in the country"

Our Mission:
"To provide efficient and professional legal services to the Government and the Public for facilitating, promoting, protecting and monitoring the Rule of Law, Human Rights and Democracy."

The Vision and the Mission guide the Chambers towards achieving its goals and objectives.
In order to successfully realise the said Vision and Mission the Attorney General’s Chambers, in the discharge of its duties, shall continue to be guided by the following conditions or values, thus Capacity (in terms of resources, manpower and competence), Integrity, Sensitivity to Justice, Service Accessibility & Customer Care and Patriotism.

We shall appreciate your visiting us and benefit from whatever is in store as per your area of interest.Thank you for continued cooperation.

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